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Friday, February 19, 2010

The Power Series Continues with Executive Business Coach and Speaker - Allyson Byrd

LIVE March 5th
SIB Welcomes Allyson Byrd
Allyson Byrd, 32 is a Transformational Life Coach, Motivational Speaker and Author.
In 2008, Allyson established The Purpose Within of San Antonio, Texas - a Training, Consulting and Life Coaching practice where she serves as the Founder and Creative Director.

Through vulnerable, authentic and inspirational messages, Allyson teaches businesses, churches and community organizations how to clear obstacles that negatively impact their culture, processes and their people. Whether the topic surrounds Leadership, Teamwork, Diversity, Communications or Customer Service, Allyson’s messages are captivating; she loves to engage with each audience by inviting them to discover the source of their discontent and resignation, and reconnect with their greatest dreams.

For the past 10 years, Allyson has inspired individuals to live in purpose and passion and achieve personal greatness through balance in work and life.

As a passionate teacher and master communicator, her messages capture the individual as well as the organization to transform with understanding with the embrace of personal power that leads to institutional shifts creating higher levels of employee moral, achievement, productivity and increase of the bottom line.

As a young entrepreneur and budding speaker, Allyson stepped into the San Antonio eye in 2008 by launching her story weight loss story on NBC-San Antonio affiliate News 4 WOAI’s popular morning show, San Antonio Living. Her personal struggle as a 338lb. woman warmed the hearts of viewers. Rejected from NBC’s highly rated reality show, The Biggest Looser, Allyson chose to create her own reality and through proper diet & exercise, released a remarkable 150lbs.

Now, a frequent guest on San Antonio Living and host of her popular online radio show, Rockn’ Purpose Radio, Allyson is committed to seeing a “better you” and will assist the average person in their transition from “purpose discovery” to “purpose mastery”.

Allyson's February Appearance on San Antonio Living

A product of her generation, Allyson’s popularity and message has grown by leaps and bounds within her online community; with presence on trendy sites such as Facebook, Myspace, Twitter and the corporate connection of LinkedIn, in merely 3 years The Purpose Within grew their subscriber base from 40 to an outreach of nearly 6,000 followers.

Committed to her community and the power of giving, Allyson often speaks to teen groups, sharing her story as a high-school dropout that received her diploma at the adult age of 20. Self-publishing her 1st book in 2009, “When God Takes a Bath: Lessons of a Life Transformed”, her story appears to be one of struggle to triumph against all odds.

Allyson shares that her focus for 2010-2011 is to become one of the leading Training & Personal Development firms of the Central U.S. With strong community relationships & mentors including Sandra Steen and International Best-Selling Author Lisa Nichols of The Secret, her dreams are certain to become a reality.

While travelling North America to share her message of self-improvement and personal empowerment, Allyson stays connected to her city by running local meet-up group, fitness boot camps and hosting private book parties for her followers.

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Are You Feeling Disconnected In Your Relationships? by Allyson Byrd, Transformational Life Coach

George Fraser joins Rockn' Purpose Radio
to share from his best-selling book CLICK
on how-to remake your life and your relationships.

Feeling DISCONNECTED In Your Relationships?

Tired of patching them up with the same advice and producing the same empty results?

No matter how hard it’s been for you in the past, the tools that you’ve been looking for are here for you NOW!

DISCOVER the missing pieces and LEARN How-To:

• Nurture Your Relationships
• Make Peace, Not War

• Be Authentic and Trust First
• Communicate with Your Heart

• Love, Give, Serve and Add VALUE
• Bless Them and Release Them

That is what awaits you in CLICK!

Space Is Limited! Call In Early!

Join Rockn' Purpose Radio
Hosted By: Allyson Byrd
LIVE Thursday, February 11th
Dial-in (347) 857-4883
Stream Live: Rockn' Purpose Radio Show - Click Here

Monday, February 1, 2010

"Super Size Me! Taking the Limits Off in 2K10" NEW from Allyson Byrd, Transformational Life Coach


Allyson Byrd wants to be YOUR coach!

“Super Size Me: Taking the Limits Off in 2K10” is a dynamic new tele-coaching series led by Transformational Life Coach, Allyson Byrd – Founder & Creative Director of The Purpose Within of San Antonio, TX.

Date: Wednesday, March 17, 2010
Time: 8:30pm CST/9:30pm EST
Cost: $89.00
ON SALE NOW - ONLY $34.95!
* Includes 55-minute Coaching Course, Self-work and BONUS Inspirational mp3

Tele-coaching is a remarkable new way to transform your reality from the privacy of your home or office.

It's Really Simple
1. Register Online
2. Receive Instructions & Self-Work via Email
3. Dial-Into the LIVE Event
4. Let the Transformation Begin!

During this Tele-Course, you will learn:
• How-to Set Intentions & Create Results
• 3 Key-Points to Repentance
• The Law of “I Am”
• Visualization Techniques to Inspire Productivity and Change Your Reality

REGISTER NOW: Transform BREAKDOWNS into BREAKTHROUGHS and change your life today!  

Cost: $34.95

* Includes 55-minute Coaching Course, Self-work and BONUS Inspirational mp3

Ask Yourself:
Am I living in my passion?
How would my life look if I truly took the limits off? (time, money, etc.)
How could I be a greater contribution to my community, my family…my world?

If you want to play life BIGGER than you every have before, SUPER SIZE ME! was designed with you in mind.

For more information, please email It is our pleasure to support your growth, personal development and life advancement.