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Wednesday, June 9, 2010

You're So Fat, I'd Cheat On You If We Were Married!

"You're So Fat, 
I'd Cheat On You If We Were Married!"

WOW! Those words were spoken to me over 10 years ago from a boyfriend that I was dating.  I didn't even remember them until a recent coaching session.  My coach asked me, "Allyson, when was the last time you remember being happy with how you looked?"  My answer, "8th Grade!" 

My eyes spill with tears at the thought of sharing this with you.  You know that I'm committed to be transparent at all times but this is freakn' see through. 

I worked customer service and met this man over the phone while I was in college.  He flew in to visit me and said that I was bigger than he expected.  He would barely touch me, hug me or even acknowledge my presence.  Prior to his arrival, he'd touted that he loved me, wanted me and could not wait to "appreciate" me when he came in town. 

I remember trying to make the evenings pleasurable with candles, great meals and Luther Vandross playing.  I mean, who can't get over big thighs and back fat with dim lights and Luther???  HIM!! 

Even with all he said to me, I still wanted him to ...

When my coach asked me about previous relationships and how I've related to my body, I was forced to remember this venom filled conversation.  I was forced to walk down this painful lane that led to a trail of hurtful self-talk and negative chatter conversations that resound in my head today.  As a transformational life coach in the eye of thousands, I'd love to say this was my issue years ago but these are the demons, the lochness monsters that I face TODAY! 

I look at current reality and tv show figures and God knows that I never would have thought they affect me but I've come to realize that visuals like what you see to the left constantly scream at me, "You can NEVER do enough!" 

Before you start the flood of "you are beautiful" emails... and "don't compare" conversations, I get that.  I really do.  However, how many of us logically understand that the comparison is irrational and yet we constantly buy the magazines, secretly dream, wish, pray, and hope that one day we will look like them? 

I'm OK if it's only me.  This is my blog.  To date I have been in my program for over 8 weeks and I've lost 5lbs.  found them again, lost them again and haven't discovered  a way to actually release the weight that not only haunts my body but plagues my mind and spirit with tales like I shared before. 

If you would have asked me about my body image, I would have dared to say I was fine.  I would have dared to continue with my sexy band-aid that masks the painful and limiting conversation that keeps me diseased in comparison and STOPS me from moving forward. 

Transformation begins from the inside out.  
I don't know that I realized so much of my heart had been broken, stolen at the price of what others spoke over me. 

I share my story as I move forward in this process, my feet a bit heavy, my heart is overwhelmed and my passion weaning because I wonder if the light will be there by the time I get to the other side??  

I'm grateful to share the rawness of my journey.  You are my community.  You promised to be there with me and I'm honored to invite you into my personal, intimate world so we can grow and transform together.  

Today, I am reminded of words from T.D. Jakes: "Come hell or high water you will never take me back to the place I was before. I have been through too much to let life whoop me again. My faith is stronger than it's ever been, my mind is more tenacious than it's ever been, my soul is more absolute."

Here's to Possibility that will soon become our reality! 

Your Sister in the Journey, 

Monday, May 10, 2010

What's WEIGHT Got To Do With It?! by Allyson Byrd, Transformational Life Coach

Today is the big day.  I go in with my new trainer for a weigh-in.  Now, the funny thing is that I stand on my scale daily; sometimes 3-4 times a day.  After I drink water, after I urinate, after I ... well - uh know -- after every possible thing to determine if it make a difference.

Obsessed? Call it what you want, it's where I am living now.  It cracks me up sometimes because I think back to being nearly 350lbs. and NEVER EVER getting on the scale.  There was never a wonder or care, or at least not one that I would listen to.  Now, the voices seem to SCREAM pay attention to the weight. 


According to ( weight is defined as:

1. the amount or quantity of heaviness or mass; amount a thing weighs.
2.Physics. the force that gravitation exerts upon a body, equal to the mass of the body times the local acceleration of gravity: commonly taken, in a region of constant gravitational acceleration, as a measure of mass.
3.a system of units for expressing heaviness or mass: avoirdupois weight.
4.a unit of heaviness or mass: The pound is a common weight in English-speaking countries.
5.a body of determinate mass, as of metal, for using on a balance or scale in weighing objects, substances, etc.

What the (**#%$%^*#?!!! 
So you get any of that?

There's one definition toward the middle that brought a bit of revelation my way. 

a mental or moral burden, as of care, sorrow, or responsibility
importance, moment, consequence, or effective influence

It made me think back to where my weight or if I use this definition, where did my SORROW begin?  Where did my burden, care or even better -- at what important moment in my life did I create a series of choices that generated an invitation for WEIGHT?

My hands are shaking as I type this message.  My eyes are leaking with tears and my heart... POUNDING!!

I spend my life helping people create breakthrough.  I set up systems and create clarity so that they can own their power and fulfill their dreams and yet, here I am feeling like a failure, DROWNING in the SORROW & RESPONSIBLITY of my weight.

Insert pause for snot wiping and tear shedding. 

I'm back.  One of my mentors, Sandra Steen taught me years ago that a true sign of intelligence is not to know everything but to know where to go and get it.  WHEW!!

I believe that often I've stopped myself in life because I didn't have all the answers.  I know that I have.  I’ve felt alone, saddened or even guilty that in all of my infinite wisdom, I did not have the fix!! Can you identify with that?

One of the primary reasons that I even decided to engage in this journey was to bring you into the conversation with me... negative chatter and all.  Today, I chose to write this blog prior to my meeting with Sonya Roemisch, Owner of You-nique Physique Personal Training Studios here in San Antonio, TX.  (  

Sonya was my very 1st weight trainer and she coached me to a remarkable 165lb. weight release.  Now, 4 years later we are addressing a 50lb. weight gain and she's helping me to be ok with where I am, acknowledge the places where I lost balance and create a realistic plan and system for life-long success.  Will it work?

Only if I choose to say YES!

What I love about sharing with each of you is that you write me with your personal and intimate stories.  You are virtual friends but yet you feel real, like we are enjoying a cup of coffee together.  Thank you.

Thank you for allowing me a safe-space to be open, vulnerable and real.  I am enjoying the healing process INSIDE of community.  It really takes a village to advance in any area of our lives.

Another mentor of mine shares this, “Isolation is the fertile ground of insanity!” Yes, if you choose to be alone in your journey, what profits will it yield you other than deranged thinking, flailing results and judgment that keeps you stuck. 

I want to hear YOUR story... BLOG NOW!!


PS - I promise to share how the weigh-in goes.  Let's see if Sonya yells like Jillian on "Biggest Loser"?! AAAAHHH!!

Discover More: Sonya Roemisch is the Owner and Creator of You-nique Physique and specializes in weight training and nutrition.  While she is based in San Antonio, TX., she supports clients all over North America through virtual fitness coaching ((  If you are looking for natural preventative and proactive solutions to promote and maintain wellness, they now carry a full line of the Transformation Wellness Products that will assist your body to get the nutrients it needs, clear the waste and allow your body to manage its resources.  Create a lifestyle change and contact Sonya NOW!!

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Jennifer Hudson and Allyson Byrd Share the Same Story? by Transformational Life Coach, Allyson Byrd

OMG!! I can't believe it's been a week since I've last blogged.  Wonderful Rockn' Purpose followers.. will you please forgive me? I'm so excited for this journey, words can't even express the gratitude that I have for all of your stories that you wrote to me over the past few days.  I hear you.  I see you and I understand your pain. 

The passion for transformation is true.  Our desire to be healthy, wealthy and whole is real and often seems distant and unattainable.  

I was recently looking at Jennifer Hudson's ads for her Weight Watcher's campaign and I wonder what it would be like to hear the REAL STORY of why she chose to say yes to that opportunity.  

I'm certain there are monetary and co-branding exchanges that every business person desires but my heart can't help but to remember when she was on American Idol and that wonderful judge Simon said to her... (paraphrased) You don't look the part.  You aren't thin enough to be the part.  America will NOT embrace someone that looks like you. WOW!!! 

Was I the only one that was shocked, stunned and overtaken by such harsh words? I remember being a young girl in 5th grade and weighing 110lbs.  I was scared to do our public weigh ins with the nurse, I was teased by other children because I didn't look like every other thin, young and bouncy girl in my class.  I was different and the difference was not celebrated but taunted.  

The taunting became a haunting inside of me.  While I'm 32 years old today and my drive, energy and passion in this program is real, so is the taunting.  

Each time I am scheduled to meet with Heather King, my nutritionist with Spectrum Health Clubs to go over my food choices - good, bad and indifferent... the fear rises.  Will she yell at me, will she call me Fatty, Fatso, Lard Butt? Will she discuss my differences to the world as though it's something bad and unacceptable.  It's funny because if you knew Heather, you'd know that she would never speak that way to me or to any of her clients but that doesn't stop the fear from Chapter 10 in my life that began on a playground, in recess, in Social Studies or even in the lunch room of my elementary school. 

I don't know where you stand in the this journey but I want you to know the negative chatter has an OFF SWITCH.  You have the power of choice to begin a NEW CHAPTER

Acceptance is not about being skinny, sexy, alluring or even a certain size.  Acceptance begins from within.  Whether the conversation is weight, promotion on your job, creating a new business, whatever current desires may be...our initial place of advancement has to begin with a challenging look in the mirror to know and accept the authentic, true and real parts of who we've been marvelously created to be. 

Statistics show us that over 190 million Americans are dealing with the disease of Obesity.  I beg to differ.  The daunting epidemic of EXCESS in our lives exists with each and every one of us.  Excess in our spirits, our souls, excess in debt and even excess in self-doubt and fear.  The issue of OBESITY does not just live in our weight challenges. 

Confessional: I've been on the road for the past 10 days and when I began the journey, I had my protein shakes packed, I stopped for deli meet, fresh veggies and everything I could think of to be healthy.  The longer the days became and the more tired I was mentally and physically, I started to make unhealthy choices.  My excuse, I deserve it.  You've put in a hard day, encouraging others to change their lives and choose differently.  Here's a reward for you.  


The question I had to ask myself was, "When will you believe that you deserve a reward that DOES NOT DAMAGE YOU?" Yes, I ask myself the hard questions.  As I move forward in this journey, it's not fair for me to be the teacher and not the student as well.  I had to remove myself from the coach, the speaker, the author, the teacher and sit on the other side of the classroom as the student.  

I've decided that the best way to release agreements with the taunting of my past and fears that I'll never fully understand how to make healthy choices for my life (in every area) is to begin a new reward system; rewards that add value to my life.  

PARTICIPATION: I want to hear from YOU! What are the rewards that you believe would be good for you and I? As "we" embrace this wonderful love fest of a 
challenge, what can we do to celebrate our successes and stay present to the challenges so that we can OVERCOME?  You can post your answers here and now on this blogsite and let's see what exciting suggestions we get from all over the world. 

I am your Sister in Possiblity and your Partner in Holistic Success! 


Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Get F.I.T. featuring National Transformational Life Coach and Author, Allyson Byrd

I Get To Share the ENTIRE Story!! 

Hi Rockn' Purpose Blogspot Followers, 

I can't believe the journey that I've decided to embark on and yes, I am asking that you join me in the walk, the growth... the challenge. 

If you've followed me for sometime, you know that I was once nearly 350lbs. and auditioned for NBC's reality show, "The Biggest Loser".  I knew with all hope that I would indeed get selected.  I had the passion, the energy, the drive and oh, the WEIGHT.  

My eyes well with tears just to share the story with you because I truly realized that the weight was a coat of pain.  It truly represented rejection, fear, anxiety, self-doubt and abandonment that I'd owned physically, emotionally and spiritually for far too long.  

Sadly, I wasn't accepted onto the Biggest Loser but I didn't allow that to stop me.  In 2006 I made the decision to RELEASE THE WEIGHT.  For 2 years, I held a proper nutrition plan, worked out with a trainer and before I knew it - 165lbs. was released off my body.  The challenge: I never could see the change.  As much as I loved the new clothes, the attention and the encouraging words, my internal chatter said loudly and clearly "IT'S NOT ENOUGH!" 

Now, 4 years later I have attracted nearly 50lbs. back on my body through the connection with fear, poor self-image, hurt, anger and resentment that I preferred to mask under a busy schedule, travel, hotel food and the list goes on and on.

I have discovered that WEIGHT RELEASE is so much bigger than many of us know or understand; however, the idea that we need to CONQUER weight is just another daunting task to add to our lives.  

I invite you to be with me over the next 16 weeks while we discuss the weight loss process.  I have invited several partnering businesses to join me in a program entitled Get F.I.T. meaning to Focus.  Intensify.  Transform.  

F.I.T. is a weekly documentary of my current journey with 4 new partners that truly believe in my success and YOURS!  I can't wait for you to meet them! Each week I will share my weight loss progress, my food choices, my triumphs and yes.. my failures.  

I, like many of you live a full, busy and fast-paced life that has allowed me more excuses than I'd like to admit.  

In the past, I would have hidden behind well crafted pictures, dim lighting and selective camera shots to hide the challenges.  Today, my freedom lies in the journey.  Saying YES is one of the most empowering choices we can ever make to change our lives.  Saying YES and bringing someone along for the ride is how we begin to change our world.  

Share with your friends, family and colleagues about this documented journey and let's begin the transformation of our personal bodies, our families and our communities.  

Check Out This Video: The 1st time I released all the weight, I shared the reveal story on San Antonio's NBC Affiliate, WOAI TV lifestyle show "San Antonio Living".  Here's a look at what I had to say - then:) 

Thursday, April 1, 2010

5 Steps to De-Stressing Your Day with Allyson Byrd, Transformational Life Coach

Let' Go of Stinkn' Thinkn'!!
Check out my latest show on
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5 Steps to De-Stessing Your Day!

Thursday Night LIVE with Dr. Robert Rey, Wellness & Lifestyle Expert from E!'s Dr. 90210

Dr. Rey will discuss how his purpose in life has led him from continent to continent inspiring men, women and families to live their best lives.

A feature on CBS, WB, E! Channel, Elle Magazine and in the foreign media, Dr. Rey's innovative enhancements to his craft have made him America's favorite surgeon.

If you've wondered how to sniff out your purpose and master it for your market with strategy, precision and laser focus... this is a show you don't want to miss.

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I look forward to hearing you there!!

Warmest Regards,

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

The Meaning of St. Patrick's Day by Transformational Life Coach, Allyson Byrd

Happy St. Patrick's Day

The history behind dear St. Patrick and what indeed gave him the right the be deemed a "saint"' is a bit sketchy. 

However, I love the tales of his capture into slavery as he was brought into Ireland, the story of his break from his master and his bold walk into his future as he baptised, ordained and called for change in a foreign land where he seemingly had absolutely NO RIGHTS!

St. Patrick is quoted for sharing that in his captivity, he gained his greatest strength and experienced a renewed sense of relationship with God. 

It makes me think of our present day.  Many of us feel captive, held hostage or even slaves to the lives we live.  Our jobs, marriages, relationships bind us more than they free us and we wonder, when will the tide turn and life will begin to work in my favor?

We ask the question.  We ask the question ... and we ask the question.

It brings me great joy to declare that today is YOUR day! 

Your life is truly the sum of all choices & decisions that you've made in life.  If you aren't pleased with what's in front of you, CHOOSE DIFFERENTLY.  There's so much power to know and understand that we get to be the co-creators of our destiny.  Working hand in hand with the masterful creator of our beings.

The sacred text of the Christian faith declares that God can do anything for us, far beyond what we imagine or even dream of.  Allyson, is it really that simple?
Your wildest dreams are waiting to come true and all you have to do is choose.

St. Patrick worked for nearly 6 years toiling for his master.  One day, he heard a voice say that his captivity was over.  Guess what? He simply walked away and stepped into his freedom.  On the otherside of his captivity awaited his purpose and we celebrate him annually as a result.

May I be the voice for you today?  "Your captivity is OVER!" Say yes to the beauty of who you are.  Know that you are perfect in your being and it's simply your humanity that's working feverishly to catch up. 

Enjoy the fulfillment of your purpose and the newness of your liberty.  Be FREE on this remarkable St. Patrick's Day. 

Shaking Off the Shackles and Dancing with Victory,

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Wednesday, March 10, 2010

WeTV Breakthrough Specialist, Lisa Nichols - Author of NY Times Best Selling Book "No Matter What" LIVE with Allyson Byrd

Rockn' Purpose Radio Welcomes
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Your life is necessary and the world, your community, your family needs you.

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If you are searching for the purpose for which you've been put here, this month's show gets to the core of who you are, because who you are is perfect.

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