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Wednesday, March 17, 2010

The Meaning of St. Patrick's Day by Transformational Life Coach, Allyson Byrd

Happy St. Patrick's Day

The history behind dear St. Patrick and what indeed gave him the right the be deemed a "saint"' is a bit sketchy. 

However, I love the tales of his capture into slavery as he was brought into Ireland, the story of his break from his master and his bold walk into his future as he baptised, ordained and called for change in a foreign land where he seemingly had absolutely NO RIGHTS!

St. Patrick is quoted for sharing that in his captivity, he gained his greatest strength and experienced a renewed sense of relationship with God. 

It makes me think of our present day.  Many of us feel captive, held hostage or even slaves to the lives we live.  Our jobs, marriages, relationships bind us more than they free us and we wonder, when will the tide turn and life will begin to work in my favor?

We ask the question.  We ask the question ... and we ask the question.

It brings me great joy to declare that today is YOUR day! 

Your life is truly the sum of all choices & decisions that you've made in life.  If you aren't pleased with what's in front of you, CHOOSE DIFFERENTLY.  There's so much power to know and understand that we get to be the co-creators of our destiny.  Working hand in hand with the masterful creator of our beings.

The sacred text of the Christian faith declares that God can do anything for us, far beyond what we imagine or even dream of.  Allyson, is it really that simple?
Your wildest dreams are waiting to come true and all you have to do is choose.

St. Patrick worked for nearly 6 years toiling for his master.  One day, he heard a voice say that his captivity was over.  Guess what? He simply walked away and stepped into his freedom.  On the otherside of his captivity awaited his purpose and we celebrate him annually as a result.

May I be the voice for you today?  "Your captivity is OVER!" Say yes to the beauty of who you are.  Know that you are perfect in your being and it's simply your humanity that's working feverishly to catch up. 

Enjoy the fulfillment of your purpose and the newness of your liberty.  Be FREE on this remarkable St. Patrick's Day. 

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