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Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Get F.I.T. featuring National Transformational Life Coach and Author, Allyson Byrd

I Get To Share the ENTIRE Story!! 

Hi Rockn' Purpose Blogspot Followers, 

I can't believe the journey that I've decided to embark on and yes, I am asking that you join me in the walk, the growth... the challenge. 

If you've followed me for sometime, you know that I was once nearly 350lbs. and auditioned for NBC's reality show, "The Biggest Loser".  I knew with all hope that I would indeed get selected.  I had the passion, the energy, the drive and oh, the WEIGHT.  

My eyes well with tears just to share the story with you because I truly realized that the weight was a coat of pain.  It truly represented rejection, fear, anxiety, self-doubt and abandonment that I'd owned physically, emotionally and spiritually for far too long.  

Sadly, I wasn't accepted onto the Biggest Loser but I didn't allow that to stop me.  In 2006 I made the decision to RELEASE THE WEIGHT.  For 2 years, I held a proper nutrition plan, worked out with a trainer and before I knew it - 165lbs. was released off my body.  The challenge: I never could see the change.  As much as I loved the new clothes, the attention and the encouraging words, my internal chatter said loudly and clearly "IT'S NOT ENOUGH!" 

Now, 4 years later I have attracted nearly 50lbs. back on my body through the connection with fear, poor self-image, hurt, anger and resentment that I preferred to mask under a busy schedule, travel, hotel food and the list goes on and on.

I have discovered that WEIGHT RELEASE is so much bigger than many of us know or understand; however, the idea that we need to CONQUER weight is just another daunting task to add to our lives.  

I invite you to be with me over the next 16 weeks while we discuss the weight loss process.  I have invited several partnering businesses to join me in a program entitled Get F.I.T. meaning to Focus.  Intensify.  Transform.  

F.I.T. is a weekly documentary of my current journey with 4 new partners that truly believe in my success and YOURS!  I can't wait for you to meet them! Each week I will share my weight loss progress, my food choices, my triumphs and yes.. my failures.  

I, like many of you live a full, busy and fast-paced life that has allowed me more excuses than I'd like to admit.  

In the past, I would have hidden behind well crafted pictures, dim lighting and selective camera shots to hide the challenges.  Today, my freedom lies in the journey.  Saying YES is one of the most empowering choices we can ever make to change our lives.  Saying YES and bringing someone along for the ride is how we begin to change our world.  

Share with your friends, family and colleagues about this documented journey and let's begin the transformation of our personal bodies, our families and our communities.  

Check Out This Video: The 1st time I released all the weight, I shared the reveal story on San Antonio's NBC Affiliate, WOAI TV lifestyle show "San Antonio Living".  Here's a look at what I had to say - then:) 

Thursday, April 1, 2010

5 Steps to De-Stressing Your Day with Allyson Byrd, Transformational Life Coach

Let' Go of Stinkn' Thinkn'!!
Check out my latest show on
NBC San Antonio, WOAI-TV
5 Steps to De-Stessing Your Day!

Thursday Night LIVE with Dr. Robert Rey, Wellness & Lifestyle Expert from E!'s Dr. 90210

Dr. Rey will discuss how his purpose in life has led him from continent to continent inspiring men, women and families to live their best lives.

A feature on CBS, WB, E! Channel, Elle Magazine and in the foreign media, Dr. Rey's innovative enhancements to his craft have made him America's favorite surgeon.

If you've wondered how to sniff out your purpose and master it for your market with strategy, precision and laser focus... this is a show you don't want to miss.

Hosted By: Allyson Byrd, Transformational Life Coach
When: 9pmCST/10pmEST
LIVE Q&A Session at (347) 857-4883

I look forward to hearing you there!!

Warmest Regards,